Declare Cosmetics Soft Cleansing Tonifying Lotion 200 ml


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This tender toner with soothing linden extract clarifies your skin, removes excess sebum and completes the cleansing process. The skin is optimally prepared for the following treatment.nnLIME BLOSSOM EXTRACTnLime blossom extract is obtained from the blossoms of the lime tree (tilia cordata), to soothe and refresh dry, sensitive skin. Rich in vitamin C and manganese, it also protects the skin cells against oxidative stress and therefore against further associated reactions due to sensitivity.nnPANTHENOLnPanthenol is the provitamin, which is most frequently used in the cosmetics industry. As a provitamin of B vitamins, panthenol increases the skin‘s moisture retention capacity and has a gentle, calming effect. It soothes stresses and redness, provides the skin with sufficient moisture and also increases its ability to absorb the skincare products that are to follow.

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